Gay and Lesbian Roommates

Gay and Lesbian Roommates in Los Angeles

Find gay or lesbian roommates in Los Angeles, California - Photo by Ivan Chinchilla

Los Angeles, California - Photo by Ivan Chinchilla

The intertwining of Los Angeles and the entertainment industry has, for over a century, welcomed an eclectic group of artists, actors, musicians, creative innovators, risk takers and thrill seekers (to name a few). The Sunny, Southern California city has an LGBT population of 4.6% of adults polled, according to a study reported by the New York Times. West Hollywood, a centrally located neighborhood of LA, in between Hollywood and Beverly Hills, boasts a whopping 40% of its adult population that identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual or questioning of their sexuality. This flamboyant neighborhood is famous for its radiant nightlife, comedy clubs, live music, Santa Monica Boulevard and gay owned and gay friendly businesses. In fact all hotels in West Hollywood are LGBTQ friendly! I think it's safe to say that West Hollywood is the premier Gayborhood of LA County, but that's not to say that there are not many many more in the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles. Nearby Hollywood Hills, home to many celebrities, is certainly a more upscale version, and certainly LGBTQ friendly. Silver Lake, located on the Eastside of Los Angeles, has a very hipster/vegan vibe, with many cute shops and cafes. If you are a dog owner, the Silver Lake Dog park is a must visit for you and your furry companion. Rent averages in Silver Lake, as of February 2020, were around $2,198, with an average rent price for all of Los Angeles around $2,524.








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