Gay and Lesbian Roommates

Gay and Lesbian Roommates in Salt Lake City

Find gay or lesbian roommates in Salt Lake City, Utah - Photo by Steve Jurvetson

Salt Lake City, Utah - Photo by Steve Jurvetson

Looking for an LGBTQ friendly city? How does a gay mountain town sound to you? If hitting the slopes in the winter, hot spring adventuring year round and exploring beautiful mountainous landscapes, canyons, and rivers in the summer sounds like fun to you try checking out the 8th ranked LGBT friendly city in the United States, Salt Lake City, Utah. Despite Utah's reputation as a conservative, Mormon rooted state, Salt Lake is the epicenter for all things gay in the state. With 4.7% of it's adult population identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, that's about 9,000 residents, which is only a tenth of a percent less then Seattle. There's even a Utah Gay Ski Week! The Utah Pride Center, located in Salt Lake, opened its doors in 2018 but Utah Pride rallies began back in 1974, and in 1990 the city held its first Gay and Lesbian Pride March. The 2019 Pride Festival attracted over 60,000 participants, which sold out all available tickets early on the first day. One of the attendees was Salt Lake City's previous Mayor, Jackie Biskupski, who is openly gay!

Although much of Salt Lake City is warm and welcoming to the LGBTQ community, there are a couple of neighborhoods that deserve mention. The Marmalade District in particular is considered to be the most LGBTQ friendly neighborhood in Salt Lake, with many gay-friendly and gay owned restaurants, bars and businsses. Another is the downtown neighborhood of Capitol Hill, where this is no shortage of gay flags flying from homes and businesses. Average rent prices in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, as reported by RentCafe in February 2020, are around $1,320.








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